We will provide you with a custom course to suit your agency's needs or attend one of our scheduled courses:

B. & E. E.vidence R.ecovery (BEER)

  • Learn the NEW basics in how to handle the most common crime scenes - B&Es.  Learn for the 1st time or again for the 1st time.   
  • Not getting results from your State Lab?  

We'll show you how to change that.  


  • Not finding fingerprints on your evidence?  

We'll show you better ways to process those items we commonly encounter at our B&E scenes.  


  • Case loads piling up?

We'll show you how to get results and close cases more effeciently!


  • The way we process crime scenes has evolved in recent years. We don't "throw powder around" the crime scene anymore and we don't rely on "lifts".  Then how do we get it done?


SIGN UP for this B.E.E.R course and find out!




Basic & Advanced Fingerprint Comparison Fingerprint examiners, 10 print examiners, detectives 5 Day  


Crime Scene & the 1st Responder For Patrol, For Detectives, For all Law Enforcement Personnell 1 day

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1st responder to the Crime Scene For EMT/Firefighters 1 day    


B&E Evidence Recovery

For Patrol and Detectives:  No, we won't teach you how to drink beer.  But we Will teach you how to be better prepared to document and collect fingerprints & DNA from your property crimes.  This two- day course is designed to provide detectives with a “once-over- lightly” basic crime scene techniques.  The focus is on basic evidence processing while responding to your every-day breaking and entering, recovery of motor vehicle, and other property crimes.   You’ll receive a  processing kit (B.E.E.R kit) which you will use in this hands-on course and take back with you for use in your department.   For newly assigned detectives or officers with little or no training in evidence recovery.  2 Day Register Here

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Dust - N - Bust For Detectives and Patrol:  Expanded from the fundamentals of evidence processing, comes advanced methods for processing our evidence.  Difficult or unusual surfaces, environmental attributes of evidence, and numerous chemical methods that have proven more effective than powder.  3 Day Register Here

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