Many times we are contacted by a private company or police agency looking for evidence to be processed by the most appropriate means.   They may not have the equipment or the expertise to handle it.  Rest assured, we have the most advanced equipment, chemicals and means to process almost any type of evidence.  We'll come to your location or you can ship it to ours.  Call us with your questions and we'll answer them.


If you are familiar with ACE-V, you are certain to know how important is the skill and documentation of fingerprint comparison.  You are also aware that any comparison is backed up with Verification.   I have compared 10 prints and latents for over 12 years.  Because I was a lone examiner at times, I am aware that cases go unresolved for extended periods of time because of the time it required to review and verify.


Let us expedite your casework in fingerprint comparison and verification.  We can provide you with fast turn-around times.  We utilize state-of-the-art AFIS technology to sort large latent work.  We perform by strict SWGFAST standards of comparison.  We can prepare professional courtroom charts and testimony.

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